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World of Portions

We are one of the leading participants in the European trade market with many years of experience in the production and distribution of hygienic packaged portions and perishable foods. The main activity is the production of portioned products, preferably in private label projects – in various formats and forms such as sugar, cane sugar, sweetener, coffee creamer, salt, pepper and many others. 

More than 100 million  portions leave our production for Western Europe every month.

We are a long-term and stable partner of many renowned business companies, which is evidenced by the long-term experience of hundreds of customers from a number of retail chains, gastronomy and HORECA segments.

Quality standards used: IFS, ORGANIC (BIO products), FAIR TRADE.

All our servings of sugars are now available in recyclable packaging material. This new packaging material is 100% recyclable and the paper comes from sustainable forestry (FSC certification).

 Sustainability is part of our corporate strategy – it is our continuous development that meets the needs of today’s generation without jeopardizing the opportunities of future generations!


01/ Recycle

Let's make the world a better place together

02/ Reduce

Stay green by reducing your ecological footprint. Make conscious decisions to consume less, recycle more, and use eco-friendly products.

03/ Reuse

Reuse ecology is a field of our aim that focuses on the significance of reusing or recycling materials and products to reduce waste and improve sustainability.


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Our range includes flavored sugar (vanilla and cinnamon), baking and gingerbread powder, dry yeast, cream thickeners and much more.

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