We protect our environment and save you money.

No matter how small the choice may be, every action we take towards sustainability matters, and it is up to us to make a difference. Let's embrace a sustainable attitude to protect our planet for generations to come.

Sustainability is a part of our corporate strategy – it is our permanent development that meets the needs of today’s generation without endangering the opportunities of future generations!

Our values include environmental responsibility, as evidenced by the use of recyclable materials and waste management processes. The new sugar portion packaging is recyclable and comes from sustainable farming: content protection and environmental protection. The recycling logo is to ensure that as many empty serving containers as possible end up in the correct waste bin so they can be recycled. INDIVIDUAL ECO DESIGN? WE ARE HERE FOR YOU! Individually printed package with your logo or our product line is waiting for you!​


Don't forget to try other products from our affiliate brand that are sure to help you with your baking!

Our range includes flavored sugar (vanilla and cinnamon), baking and gingerbread powder, dry yeast, cream thickeners and much more.

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